Hello cutiepies, be amazed! I’ve finally gotten around to giving you wonderful people a very much overdue follower gift m(__)m

This is Cotton Spray Cornflower - she looks innocent, but has quite a few tricks up her sleeve. I can’t remember her traits (kill me, I’m so bad at this), but seeing as she’s the only sim of mine anyone ever requested for download, here she is!

DOWNLOAD: .sim file | .sims3pack

Now for some credits! Lips and lashes are from S-club, eyes from tifaI think her skin is this one. Her piercing is IN3S, whose entire uploads can be found here

Hair | Outfit | tights | shoes

I used this mod for the last picture, in case you’re interested.

TOU: You can do whatever you want with her, just don’t use her as a base or claim her as your work. And I’d be ever so happy if you tagged posts with her with “pandoricasims”, so that I can see what she gets up to outside of my game c:

Thank you so much for following me, guys *-*♥

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