I have a queue set up til Saturday, since I don’t know when I’ll have time to play. I also don’t know when exactly I’ll be getting my hands on TS4 :/ Right now I’m content with starting up my game to possibly take a peek at my dusty ol’ PGC save or maybe not ‘cause Tiffans and watching some Harry Potter for the billionth time.image

I’m sorry, baby ;-;

Fuchsia: How would you feel about a RoboNanny traitchip?

Jarvis: Emotionally Neutral.

Anonymous said: Permaplat, Nooboo, Lilithpleasant, Sugarlumpies, Princess-Plumbobs,Mortalfevers, Riskywoohoo, SImsinthegame, Simhow, Pandoricasims. There's a bunch of really nice and colorful and awesomely great simblrs that make my dash look great!


Lots of love here for the lovely

permaplat, nooboo, lilithpleasant, sugarlumpies, princess-plumbobs, mortalfevers, riskywoohoo, @simsinthegame, simhow, and pandoricasims, hope you all have a beautiful day!

Cinna’s grown quite a few perfect plants.

Yeah. Well. #Selfiesunday and all that.

Yeah. Well. #Selfiesunday and all that.

One more of the spouses while I load up Sims 3.

soupdusarah said: Hi there! I think your sims are so beautiful and I was wondering what default eyes you have in your Sims 4 demo? I love them. Thanks!


Thanks! I use Hand Outs & Punch Ups :)