This generation’s photobooth pics are finally complete!

Strawberry pie~

Snow loves her kingly son.

I was panning around Sugar Valley and spotted Grape Raisin who had aged up really well :>

Mulberry’s gonna be heartbroken once Blossom moves out…

I like your face~

I like your face~

Ky had a lot of fun snowboarding.

“Alright then.” she said, amused at how easily she had taken charge of this group of unlikely people.

The three of them left the room and headed out to explore the rest of the mysterious house.

“Why not?” she demanded, rolling her eyes. “If I hadn’t arrived you’d be rotting in this room forever. Who’s with me?”

The good-looking fairy grinned rogueishly and the wizard nodded in approval. He must be glad to stop his directionless pacing. Marcia wondered what kind of wizard this Cecil was. She had a strange feeling there was going to be plenty of time to find out.